Sunday, November 30, 2008

I never did mind about the little things

Today's small victory was achieved the second I set one foot out the door on today's run. We have almost a foot of snow from the past 24 hours and it was still coming down. While staying inside and just doing treadmill would have been easier, I tried to keep myself warm with the idea I was somehow tougher for going into the elements.

I'm reminded of today's title as I slogged along through the neighborhoods trying to find the best path of packed snow. Bridget Fonda used that line with a smile in Point of No Return when confronted with a decision that was do or die. Today required full winter "clobber" as my pal Keith would say. I even needed my run glasses to keep the snow from feeling like little pins hitting my eyes.

Although I feel a little tougher for the effort, it only got me about four miles before I came back in for a few miles on the treadmill. I could have handled more but my hamstring began to get a bit tender from the uneven running so I didn't want to have a relapse again. After reading Keith's blog and giving him advice on listening to his body I couldn't very well beat myself up. I'll be off running for a few days but that doesn't mean I can't become a better runner. Fortunately, I have so many areas to improve I could probably take a week off and be better.

For my first steady week in almost two months I made positive progress and am closer to the goal than last week. I start December where I had hoped to be and with a trip to Portland in mid-week I will get a nice break from winter and some good runs as well. Boston is so far away that I'll focus on having continued good days that will hopefully turn into weeks and months.

Keep working towards your goal and you will always be closer to your goal today than you were yesterday . Lucy MacDonald


BSTRONG said...

Cool Blog JC! Great Motivating tool. I saw Todd and his girlfriend at the Seattle Marathon Expo 2 days ago. Thought you were going to come down and give these so called master runners a run for there money. Talk with you later!

Jole said...

I am jealous, but decided to listen to my body as well. I am not sure skipping my run made me feel better, but I know it was for the best!!! Great job!!!