Saturday, January 10, 2009

A day at the beach

After nearly two weeks of sub-zero temps in Anchorage I was fortunate to find a way out of town to a place much warmer - Venice Beach, California. Luckily, my little sister is a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines and she also needed to get warm.

After the run at the Dome Wednesday, she invited me to travel with her here. When I fly with her it's free so that is an easy decision. Clearing the schedule in one day is a bit harder but thanks to Mark and Brent filling in for me, I was California dreaming. I think I was vitamin D deficient anyways so some sunshine was in order.

Today was a good day despite tired legs. I never felt loose and easy but I managed a good pace and running in shorts and shirtless felt good. Running the bike trail from Venice Beach past Santa Monica was just a menagerie of activity. Bikers, Runners, Walkers, Surfers, Skate Boarders and Beach Volleyballers (many hotties there). I must have run past thousands of people on my 11 miler. Having all that distraction took the mind off the sluggishness and the tender leg. It also felt good to blow past bikers once I got rolling.

Got the pace down to 6:30 the last couple of miles after I started feeling tired, but I tried thinking about running like a Kenyan. It forced me to relax and be lighter on my feet. Once I did that I started running a few seconds per mile faster. Always good to think about form when you are tired as that's when habits (good or bad) take hold. 

Hopefully, I'll loosen up and get a better night sleep and recover from the trip so a better run will follow tomorrow. No matter what it beats the cold, indoor track or treadmill.

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Jewell said...

Does your sister ever fly through Germany. Maybe I can hop a ride to LA for some sun and shorts too!