Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mind versus Body

With 2009 off to such a mediocre start for me I look forward to the coming months as the last several weeks have been a struggle. A case of food poisoning left me hugging my toilet as much as my pillow last night. Just one more hurdle to be overcome towards future excellence.

Surprisingly, I somehow had the motivation to think I could get up this morning and meet my friend John Wirum for a run. Such is the delusion or insanity that exists in this runners mind. While I'm proud for trying, it only took about 10 painfully slow minutes to realize that I wasn't doing myself any good. I had to let John go and did another slow run/walk back to my car. Hard to find the silver-lining in today's effort but better today than before the Boston marathon.

"Sickness shows what we are"

As I've said before it's all about momentum and better to be going the right direction before Boston than on fire now. I've had many marathons where I've been flying a month or two before and going backwards when it counts. Besides that everyone misses days because of illness or injury. I'm sure Paula and Haile have or will deal with some detour on the way to their many races this season.

On a more positive note, cheers to Joleen Smith on completing her first marathon in Phoenix today. I've been advising/encouraging her over the past few months and I hope it was a positive experience. Looks like she struggled the last few miles but such is the marathon and you can't coach or tell anyone what that will be like. I look forward to her report in her blog.


Tom Ritchie said...

Thanks for the advice on running when your sick. If it's super bad you probably aren't doing yourself any good by attempting to run. I felt terrible last sat/sun. luckily it was the 24hr. type of bug. Hope you get better soon and the foot picture was nasty!

Jole said...

wow! I didn't realize you had gotten so sick! That must have been horrible! Hopefully you weren't to blame for the food :)
Thanks again for all your advice and support getting me ready for my first marathon. I now have a starting point and am looking forward to faster times in future races! PS- the water bottle idea was an awesome one!!! Didn't over drink and didn't panic about water stations!
Take care and feel better! Talk to you later