Saturday, January 10, 2009

Haven't had a dream in a long time

After finishing yesterday's post I wandered over to my fellow blogger Keith Kelly's page to catch up with his progress. Besides being an extremely talented runner, Keith is a straight-up great guy. Always positive and has a unique writing style and musical insight. I find it all the more remarkable when you consider he does it all despite the burden of being Irish.

I clicked on to his video link for Thursday of  "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want". It is such a smooth song with a "Garden State" sound that touched lightly on my feelings of late on a myriad of areas of my running and life in general. In addition, Keith has been on his own comeback trail and hit a personal high note yesterday on his tempo run. Not only did I sense his excitement, I could appreciate on a deeper, more personal level, what it feels like when all aspects of running collide in perfection. 

I've mentioned before that I'm continually motivated for that "sweet spot" of running that occurs not based on specific times or results, but rather that deep, intrinsic feeling only you can determine. It might happen in a race or a workout, but may happen on a random run or a random part of a run. I'm reminded of the scene in Saint Ralph when Ralph is doing the final workout at night in the park and Father Hibbert has him do the last interval on his own. On that interval Ralph actually begins to fly off the ground as his mind, body and spirit connect in perfection. Watching that in the movie gave me goosebumps as I know exactly how it is to not feel your feet touch the ground and the legs feel no resistance.

I'm not there yet, but I know that it can't be far away and am always open to the moment it may happen when I'm not prepared for it. In any case, I appreciate Keith passing the moment (and the music) along to remind me that it still exists out there. Here's the video from  "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" from the 7 Worlds Collide concert series. 

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