Monday, January 19, 2009

Not quite silver lining

I definitely underestimated the overall effect of my bout of food poisoning as I expected to feel much better today. Rather it was all I could do to drag myself into work and maintain a positive face. Exercise was out of the question but given my leg issues I've decided that the timing, if there is ever a good time, was probably for the best.

I'm reminded of the New York City Marathon a few years ago when Meb Keflezghi had a sub-par result as the result of food poisoning two days before the race. After Saturday's episode I couldn't imagine attempting a marathon today. Between dehydration and the five pounds lost running a few miles would be miserable.

Fortunately, I experienced my worst illness experience at a relatively young age so nothing will ever seem as bad. Again, it was a case of food poisoning that I picked up on vacation in Acapulco when I was 15. It was one of those at first you are afraid you are going to die, but then turning to being afraid you are not going to die. My advice, stay away from the limeade at the Denny's in Acapulco.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better and more importantly the past few days off my legs will improve my injury. 


Kelrock said...


The forced rest days are a blessing.......I've been taking advantage of them, big time. As for Kim Wilde, it was Keep Me Hanging On. I love that song. I had some other amazing ones today like Warrior by Scandal or Shelia E - The glamorous life! Love it.

Mark from Minnesota said...

Careful on the food poisoning!

I had a bout in August. It's now the end of January, and I'm FINALLY beginning to approach some reasonable level of training again.

It affected me strongly for 3 months, partially for another two, and now I'm feeling I'm recovering.


A formerly VERY healthy endurance athlete.

Mark from MN