Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Take time to appreciate the little things

I found today's title with the fortune cookie I grabbed with my lunch today. If you can't find inspiration from a fortune cookie where else can it be found?

Me and Laird, Carlsbad 5000

I slept better last night for the first night in several. I think being able to put into words all the things about Laird that had me turning all night the previous day allowed me to sleep better. I can see many have also found their way to my blog today. I appreciate all the kind things many of you have passed along in various forms. I hope I was able to capture the same feelings and memories you recall from Laird as well.

Laird winning Palmer XC Coaches Race 2000

I ran at the Dome today just to move my legs for the first time in several days. I also wanted to think about Laird in an enviorment that I remember him so well in. I felt like I hadn't run in months as I slogged the first mile in nearly nine minutes. Within 5-6 laps the mental and physical cobwebs lifted a bit and I felt like I was actually "running" instead of moving my legs back and forth. Just three miles but it was one of those days I would feel like this whether I did it today or waiting another day or two.

Laird and I kayaking El Arco, Cabo San Lucas 2001

Made a quick stop at the gym and spun a few miles on the bike and then talked with Sam Hill about Laird. Sam and Laird were at Oregon together so we were able to share our feelings for almost an hour while Sam ascended about 10,000 feet on the stair climber. Sam remembered a conversation he and Laird had while at Oregon that he plans to use this summer to honor Laird by.
I managed to make contact today with another one of my best friends and another former runner I coached who is another amazing person well beyond her immense running talent. Its no wonder Kaarin and Laird dated for several years through high school and college. It was positively miserable to have to deliver the message of Laird's death to Kaarin and having her 1600 miles away in Eugene. I need to travel to Portland this weekend to meet with Adidas and we will likely meet up. I can't wait to get together and give her a long hug. Today was a day when you wish your arms had no limits to how far they could stretch.


Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking about you and Kaarin both this weekend JC. It will be tough but I'm glad you'll be together.
Brett Roth

Anonymous said...

Safe travels to OR, JC. My thoughts are with you and Laird's friends and family.
-Karin Little