Monday, January 5, 2009

Don't call it a comeback

With all due respect to LL Cool J, I wasn't really gone but taking a needed break to get properly inspired and other things in order also. Cranking out blog posts takes a bit of time and I think a recent comment referred to it as "feeding the blog" like feeding a dog. Thanks Keith (and Mom) for staying on my ass to get me back posting.

I wish I could say that the New Year has forced me to become re inspired and ready to make it my best year ever. I plan on making it my best ever as 2008 was a very good year too. But I didn't feel any special push once that calendar page flipped over.
Today was a good day spent inside the Dome as we have endured our 7th straight day of temps below 0 degrees. I ran outside yesterday at -10 and with proper clothing I felt great but my calf and winter shoes don't seem to enjoy each other right now and I had to turn back. Today at the Dome felt much better and I could run a better rhythm (6:45 pace) rather than slog along with multiple layers.

I was inspired by a group of ladies that were also putting in their laps at the Dome this a.m. as well. Three of them were with me in New York for the marathon in November and I haven't seen much them since. Dorothy (3:14) who I ran the race with, Selina (3:35) and April (injured and didn't run) were clipping off laps with fellow speedy mom Michelle. A very impressive group of women and runners who manage to run very fast while also managing kids and family. Especially good to see April running so well as she had to miss NYC with an injury.

I feel a bit inadequate when I try to compare dealing with my issues when all I have to do is account for myself. Seeing them hit the track after getting the kids back to school after Xmas break and ripping off laps is very cool. I told Selina that I need to have a few kids to develop some patience and toughness. I also need a good team to train with like they have. Those laps and miles would go by a bit easier with someone to run with. Watching the girls run together was like watching a college cross country team out for a daily run.

I'm gonna knock you out

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Yay for runner-moms!