Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Someone to talk to

Today's title is lifted from a rarely heard song by the Police. After posting about needing someone to run with to help pass the time, I was assisted through my best run in over two weeks. I had doubts about even trying as the leg has been poor lately, but I started slow and when I caught up to Michelle after a few miles it was feeling better.

Fortunately, I was a little tired and Michelle was running well so we were both able to have a good time. Having her to chat with made the laps in the Dome go by quickly and took my mind off my leg. Good time getting to know her a bit better and talking about our little trips to Paris, London and Rome. Kudos to Michelle for making today so productive for me.

Today was the 9th day in a row in which the high temp has not exceeded 0 degrees. The longest cold snap in 10 years for Anchorage. We could really use a break as there is a long way to go with winter and a bit of plus temps would go a long way towards everyones morale. As for my morale it may get an additional boost as little sister, Esther, was at the Dome today also and asked if I want to go to Santa Monica for a long weekend trip. As she is a flight attendant I can travel free when I go with her so. I will enjoy getting the hell out of this icebox and get some warm weather in.

For now it looks like laps in the Dome will be the best for my leg as outside has not been productive. Tomorrow we have adidas rep extraordinaire, Ben Evans, in town for next seasons new product so I will drag him inside for more running. I'm sure with another sub-zero day coming that he'll be happy to run in circles.
Here's a cut of Someone To Talk To. I caught the very first Police concert in Vancouver on their reunion tour last year. Very cool concert and great energy as they had been working for a few weeks to get the act together again. They were genuinely excited by the crowd's reaction as they must have been uncertain of how they would play after being apart for 25 years. For me the Police were a seminal band when I was in college and when they broke up I figured that was one concert I would never see.

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Evan said...

I just found your blog.

This cold weather has been tough for sure. I hope you guys have fun down in Santa Monica. I just ran a 50k in that area last month. There is a lot of cool trails in the Santa Monica Mountains. Take care.