Saturday, December 27, 2008

But then you'll go forwards again

I started my post yesterday but after about three paragraphs I decided that I was feeling too negative to subject anyone else to it so I aborted. So much of my training lately feels like two steps forward, one step back. As much as it bothers me to have to take that step back, I need to realize that I am still moving forward. It may be imperceptible, but like a glacier, I am moving forward.

Today was a very hopeful day for me in many respects both mentally and physically. I have been dealing with a bit of tenderness in my shin/lower calf that keeps me from feeling really good. I had doubts about whether I should or could run effectively today. And even if I got out the door I had no idea if I could run very long. The temperature was an even 0 degrees and several of the people who usually show up were either in Hawaii (I hope Tom and Jerry get sunburned) or thought it was too cold to run.

In any case I managed to get out the door and little by little felt better and better. Despite the chill it was spectacularly beautiful out with all the mountains visible and the alpenglow on Denali was something you only see when you go out on days like this. By the end I was feeling pretty good and probably could have gone further but to be honest I got tired of listening to myself. If someone else had been there to talk to I could have gone another 4-5 miles, but I was pleased to get 16 miles in. When I got to the club to shower I saw fellow marathoner Sam Hill putting in one of his long elliptical workouts so I joined him for another 50 minutes of training. In total I managed about 2:40 of cardio time which is good under any circumstances but today was a big deal when I doubted 30-45 minutes was possible.

Just shows once again that you just have to make that first step and you should always hope for the best. I am reminded of a statement that you should place a bet everyday because it might be your lucky day and you could win big. That's why I always give myself the benefit of the doubt when I show up for a race because I've been surprised more than once by a result that exceeded my expectations. No need to go into those uncountable times that the opposite occurred. Today was a winning bet for me. Still waiting for that breakthrough, but I've got a bit of house money in my pocket and I'm feeling luckier than yesterday.

Plug the machine and pull the handle!

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Kelrock said...

Two things.

1. I want to read the negative, down in the dumps stuff. It is just as important because it is real.

2. 2:40 of cardio is amazing. If you can get consistent at this level you will be loving life in Boston.