Sunday, December 7, 2008

The cheese to my macaroni

With an opportunity to get another snow-free run in I decided to spend most of the day here in Portland rather than catch the first flight out. It also gave me a chance to see two of my favorite Skinny Raven girls who are going to school in Portland.

Both Caroline Livett and Mandy Vincent-Lang are attending school at Lewis and Clark but have been two great workers that make Skinny Raven such a great place to shop. Caroline is just starting law school while Mandy, a dead ringer for Juno (minus the pregnant belly), is student-teaching 3rd graders. Joining us was Ben Evans, who is our Adidas rep. We traveled up to one of Portland's special places, Forest Park, for the run.

Forest Park is a wonderful place for running and rivals any of the diverse trails we have in Anchorage. The total trail system is over 40 miles, between winding single track trails for running-only to wide open fire road routes that bikes are allowed on. I encourage anyone to take the time to explore the trails. On a mid-summer Saturday morning one can see casual runners and Olympic athletes using the trails. Despite Mandy and Caroline claiming they were not in very good shape, they gaped Ben and I on the first hill and we never caught them until we turned around.

After a brunch in which we failed a six-question trivia test for 1/2 off our bill (who knew some baseball player insured his face for 1 million?) we hit the Adidas employee store. Adidas has their U.S. headquarters in Portland and instead of a "campus" like Nike, has an Olympic-themed "village" with five buildings that are colored like the five Olympic rings. I did much better than at the Nike employee store and scored a couple of nice pieces and some shoes.

All in all a good trip with some good runs, despite general soreness in the hamstring. Time to get back to hitting the snow and ice and get a solid routine going.


Tom Ritchie said...

Another good blog entry. I need to check out that Nike complex someday. When wrestling is over I need to sit down with you and have you teach me some of the blog options that I can use. Keep the writing going!

Mandy said...

So great seeing you down here in Portland. Thanks for the great run and excellent coffee. Come back soon to charm Caro and I again!
xo, mandy

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