Monday, December 22, 2008


In Alaska the first day of winter means the days start getting longer. It's more symbolic than significant, but it is nice to know that little by little we gain a bit more light. For me I hope it means a gradual increase in momentum and motivation.

After yesterday's big run I was tired, as expected, when I woke up and had no desire to squeeze in a quick session of anything prior to work. But as the day went on I felt better and better and by late afternoon I was chomping at the bit to get some training in. That's the mental shift I've been looking for and I managed a good effort of elliptical, running uphill and biking. Total time 1:20. Not bad. A week ago it would have been take the day off.

The only disappointment was I received a call mid-day that my massage was called off because Katie had strained her arm and wasn't up to beating me up. That's right, I know she was hurting from how well I stood up to last week's abuse. I know the real story. Don't make excuses, Katie, just be honest and say you aren't tough enough to take me on. Actually, it would have been nice to get a little beat down massage. I think I am doing pretty well but I can always use a little work.

One thing that has helped keep up the training volume has been the triathlon National Challenge Competition that the tri clubs from around the country started this month. I got off to a slow start but have been moving up the individual list the past two weeks. Even though the emphasis this month is swimming they keep track of all three disciplines. I hope to get into the top 100 by the first of the year, though its hard because most of my training is running so bikers can really add up the miles. I've been hitting the bike as a way of warming down and to get some more cardio as well as get some NCC distance in. Swimming is another story all together and if anything has provided comic relief for my training and the blog.

Two weeks ago I was outside the top 300 but have moved up the charts and after today should be well inside the top 150. Getting to top 100 will take some more work as I have to move through some people who do far more biking than running. Two people have already pedaled over 900 miles the first three weeks! More than anything its fun to have that little extra push to do that extra mile or two that I'm capable of doing without going off the deep end and doing too much for the sake of getting miles. I've already been there pretty much my whole college career so no need to revisit that.
On the charts, with a bullet!

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