Saturday, December 13, 2008


Today didn't turn out to be the coming out party I had expected. Given the 3 degree temps and early morning start I may have been better off hugging my pillow for an extra hour as well. Another opportunity for me to work on my attitude and perspective until I actually DO get better.
Lest you think this post is an informal RSVP to my little pity party, fear not. Fortunately I have enough perspective of the bigger picture to understand that my little leg issue is nothing compared to much more challenging things people deal with on a daily basis. I understand that and I do appreciate that my problem won't be that hard to overcome.

And I don't want to sound like I keep myself warm on cold days like this with the plights of others. On the contrary, I am further inspired and appreciate the greater example others display despite the obvious and continuous challenges they endure.

One of the more obvious examples I've seen on a few occasions has been Dick and Rick Hoyt who do marathons all over the country and I've actually passed at Boston and New York marathons. In fact, my first marathon was NYC in '97 and I went by Team Hoyt late in the race when I was feeling particularly bad. Seeing Dick push his son was so inspiring and suddenly I didn't feel so bad. You can't help but get misty eyed watching these two during races.

At least I got my friend John out the door this morning when he wanted to put it off until later. Unfortunately for him I had to bail after two miles, but he pressed on and managed a good run. Glad to be there for you John. Now I'm off to salvage some form of a workout by heading out to the ski trails.

Hopefully the black tie optional I attend tonight won't go too well and I'll be in at a decent hour so I can get a session in before work. Yes, the Raven is open on Sunday during the Holidays. I hope our sacrifice will result in many shoe sales, especially running shoes!

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