Thursday, December 11, 2008

I saw a sunrise, I saw sunlight

Since my visit to Portland last week I have achieved my most productive week of training since September. I can feel that momentum coming that will lead to better and better training. As I said before the one advantage of being out of form is that each day you feel improvement.

I've also been able to extend the length of the workout longer than anticipated, another sign that I'm moving in the right direction. Of course, working longer is easier when you have the proper distraction to make the time go by faster. I was lucky to hit the gym while one of the Raven's former employee's was also working out. At 6-foot-1 and a massive smile, Becca could have been a model but decided to go to med school. Today was her first day back in town after finals and I was able to catch up with her past semester. Funny how time flies by when you are working out with a devastatingly attractive person, isn't it?

After nearly an hour on the elliptical I planned on beating out 4-5 miles on the bike but just when I got close to ending my music hit Daybreak by Coldplay so I was obligated to go to the end of the song. Ever since I saw "40-year-old Virgin" I've been reluctant to profess my appreciation for Coldplay, but I can't help it (and no, I didn't macrame a pair of jean shorts). Hey, whatever it takes to get a few more miles in, right? Anyway, I ended up with 10.5 miles on the bike and figured I needed to quit so I could sit without pain in the interim.

Tomorrow will be another test of my commitment as I meet up with fellow blogger/marathoner Joleen for a 5 a.m. swim lesson. Five a.m.? Yikes! Fortunately, Joleen is impossibly cute and I can balance that against the pity laughing I'm sure to elicit from her as she witnesses my pathetic stroke (or will be it my shirtless bod?).

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