Sunday, December 14, 2008

Driving sideways

After a late evening into early morning party I managed to garner a couple of positives of getting into bed much later than typical for me. First, of course, I managed to break out my best suit and get some extra miles out of my investment. Second, I was struck by how many people are trying to scrape off the rust and regain the exercise consistency they once had.
I feel lucky that I've managed to keep the wheels moving in the right direction despite how slow they seemed to be moving. Others have either been in neutral with the parking break full on or worse, shifted into reverse. It seems like once you get off the freeway its hard to find that on ramp again.

Lately it has been in the slow lane for me with the blinker on trying to get in the fast lane. I can't seem to get up to speed to merge into the faster traffic, but at least I'm heading in the right direction on the right road.

Today will amount to a rest blog day for me so I'll leave you with this short video of Aimee Mann singing Driving Sideways in concert.

Take the jack and change the flat!

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Kelrock said...

I forsee plenty of room to move into the fast lane up ahead. You just need to stay on the road bro! A day off is a good thing and its onl going to help your hammy etc. Loads of time until Boston.