Wednesday, December 10, 2008

House of Cards

Sometimes the best way to measure myself is to ask "am I better today than I was yesterday". Too often one can get drug down by comparing themselves to their best days. So the answer to the question today is, "yes" I am better than yesterday

Another good day of energy with positive cardio work on treadmill and elliptical as well as some brief strength with hopefully, a new strength training partner. After the training session a productive massage session with Painmeister Katie. And to top things off an enhanced wardrobe courtesy of the 40% off sale at Banana Republic. Yes, I am much improved in nearly all aspects today.

I managed to score a bit of luck as Laura was a bit late for the strength workout. Because I had already put down some weight and ab work yesterday I was already a bit tender. Needing to head out to get my massage I had to cut things short but at least we managed a little bit of work. I look forward to next week and I'll be more rested to be a better workout partner.

The massage was very good and productive. Katie has worked at two Olympics as a massage therapist, so she has very good experience working with athletes. If I have any complaints she is so good some of us have bragged to others about her talent. Consequently, she has filled up with so many others wanting her help that she is hard to get into sometimes unless you book out months in advance. So my advice is if you find a great massage person - keep your mouth shut!

I've gone into how massage has been key in keeping me from imploding into a giant tendon. It's insidious how your body little by little begins to tighten up and muscles subtlety fuse into tendons if you don't stay on top of them. Sometimes rest is not enough as strains and tears may turn into scar tissue and are very slow to heal, if they heal at all. Then your body begins the compensation process and the house of cards tumbles down. Today was a big step towards kneading out that lump in my hamstring bicep. You can only do so much sometimes and I have another session next week that will hopefully get me back again.
Speaking of House of Cards, here's a little Radiohead tribute to my blog buddy, Keith Kelly, who just cranked out a 5 mile tempo run in 25:40 yesterday. A time I have only mustered up a handful of times when running all out. I hate guys that can do that.

I have never walked out a Katie session feeling good. Some days I feel like a side of beef. Even the next morning I'll feel beat up, but usually by late afternoon the day after I can feel the difference. I always feel better about my pain threshold after a Katie session. Today wasn't too bad as I didn't feel the need to curse at her. I would never say some of the things I have thought as she would only snap my leg in half like a little twig if I said any of it out loud.

No run tomorrow as I'll allow the massage to take hold and I'll likely take Friday off from running also. I sense I'm close and a couple of days separate me from being able to do the work I'd like to. In the meantime I'll continue to do the little things that will enable me to be ready when that day comes.

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Kelrock said...

Much the way, that video for house of cards was made without the use of cameras. It is all done using lazers!