Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When in doubt

Long ago (in a galaxy far away) I was an editor for the college paper and wrote a bi-monthly column about something I hoped others would find interesting. I realized that occasionally I would produce some mediocre columns. The main reason was I really didn't have much to write about and I would try to cobble together what might seem relevant.

When in doubt, don't. Benjamin Franklin

What I learned then was if you don't have anything decent to report, don't report anything. Granted, the test of good writing is the ability to make something more interesting than it really is. As you can see I've already pulled you several sentences farther than I should have. So, in the interest of keeping your mind fresh, I will call it quits with just one request.

That is, if you have read anything from this blog in the past and actually find it interesting or pure drivel, please comment or let others know about the blog. As I said a few weeks ago, I would like to make this a spot you (and many others) can find some insight and fun each day.

Keep the cards and letters coming.

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